filter powder and canola oil.       Are your fried foods too dark? EZ Filter Powder to the rescue! This unique concoction removes harmful fatty acids and contaminants from fryer oil. Use of EZ Filter Powder will ensure that your food products are golden brown. In addition, your fryer will smoke less and consume less oil.

EZ Filter Powder

  • Extends oil life and improves quality of fried foods.
  • Packaged in 22 lb. boxes
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      HiLo is a neoteric canola oil that contains zero trans fat and zero cholesterol. HiLo does not transfer flavor: if you fry chicken, then fish, then chicken again, the fish flavor will not contaminate the second batch of chicken. You no longer have to swap oil to preserve the unique flavor of different meats! HiLo is also suitable for grill use and salads.

HiLo Canola Oil

  • Extended fry life
  • No cholesterol, no trans fats low saturated fats
  • Non-hydrogenated
  • Sold in 35 lb. jugs
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