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      If your customers want their chicken to go, you will need packaging. EZ Breading offers a uniform line of packaging in three sizes: large dinner, barn and small dinner (pictured in order). Packaging helps customers associate the product with the vender, which promotes repeat purchases. Our boxes are sturdy and decorated with artwork. Wax bags (not pictured) are also available. center border.
      EZ Boil-Out fights the filth on frypots. Carbon deposits and grime on frypots can add harmful contaminants to your cooking oil, thus reducing oil life and souring the flavor of your fried foods. EZ Boil-Out is non-caustic and alkaline-based: unlike acidic frypot cleaners, EZ Boil-Out will not pit the frypot. Clean equipment will promote a high-quality product.

EZ Boil-Out

  • Significantly diminishes carbon build-up
  • Alkaline base
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