ez breading.

fried chicken.     EZ One-Step Breading is specially formulated to simplify food preparation and provide customers with a delicious product. Once the product has been coated with our breading, it is ready to fry. It's that simple! Say goodbye to expensive double breading. Sayonara batter dipping! Fried food preparation is taken care of in one easy step.
     And can you believe it also tastes great? EZ One-Step Breading has one of the most attractive flavors on the market. Your customers will return again and again for more. When fried, the breading becomes a crispy, golden-brown that seals in natural juices. Our breading does not fall apart like inferior brands. No matter what you fry—chicken, fish, pork chops, etc.—the product will look and taste great. Our breading also has an outstanding holding time: the quality endures in a warmer.
     EZ One-Step Breading facilitates preparation and yields sapid products that look fantastic.  There’s the hard way and there’s the EZ way.  Choose EZ!

EZ One-Step Breading:
  • One-step preparation
  • Choose MSG or No-MSG
  • Packaged in 25 lb. bags
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